London, 2017 August 5th the moment the world has waited for, Justin against the world! A space that wasn’t conducive for a decorative Olympian, where the London fan’s stood firmly on putting everything into Usain Bolt’s

hand to close out his illustrious career with his final Gold to take the World Championship. Only to count the US number 1 Justin Gatlin from the spot he claimed over 12 years ago Upon entering the track and being introduced, the world champion was jeered while the sensation of the global crowd for nine years was installed as the hero. Gatlin won in a time of 9.92 secs, with his fellow American Christian Coleman second and Bolt third. Justin was met with a trumpet of boos’ and distasteful sounds from the London stadium, and Justin states “It’s not about the crowd I tuned them out through the rounds I stayed the course”  Justin states, “The people who love me, they’re here cheering for me, they’re home cheering for me, my countrymen are cheering for me and that’s where my focus was.” The fans displaying their lack of appreciation for such an iconic pillar of track and field was quite disappointing to millions across the globe. In a time where we should lift one another up and push forward in unity with positive efforts, but instead, this was offered up to one of the best sprinters who has surpassed all limitations and barriers to remain a dominant force in the world of track and field, and within the communities abroad. But, when you’re chosen to go through adversities and live out pains publically you hold fast to what has placed you into the driver’s seat which are fundamental keys of life – love, humility, respect, purpose, and knowledge of self-worth. These are things that we’ve seen Justin illuminate throughout the past 12 years these are what exudes from our American hero our example of how to fight, and fight successfully.

An emotional Justin’s states “It’s so surreal” Justin said, “Regardless of me winning it’s still a moment for Usain”  Justin states,  “He has accomplished so much in our sport he has taken sprints to another level in our sport, he inspired Coleman to come out and believe in himself at his first World Championship”  Justin states, “And for me to cap off my career this way I just thank him for being in the race as well”  When asked what did Usain say to him, Justin responded “The crazy thing Bolt said to me was, ‘Congratulations, man you don’t deserve all these boos,’ Justin says “and coming from the man himself it meant a lot to me.” -Justin Gatlin

Romans 8:31 simply states; “What shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Justin did what the world thought would never be possible and when the world came up against him, Justin caused the world to stop, and he unleashed a blazing sprint that caused the earth to cease on its axes for 9.92 seconds on his course of 100m. Causing the world to respect the destiny that was set before him. Justin has given the world a futuristic glimpse of what’s to come! This only displays the importance of never looking back, for that will cause you to forfeit all that you’ve worked for and that lies ahead.