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Nutritional Specialists

Samuel Adedeji

Bio-Chemist / Nutritional Specialist

Samuel Adedeji is a graduate from Stony Brook University with Bio Chemistry concentration. His love for science and research allows him to partner with Kyani nutraceutical endeavor. He believes education is essential towards a healthy living.


Nutrition 75%
Bio Chemistry 92%
Medication 90%
Consultation 96%

Mickey Harpaz

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Health Consultant

Mickey Harpaz, EdDC known as Dr. Mickey is a Corporate Health & Wellness consultant, Exercise Physiologist, and Nutritionist who has been in 29 years private practice and has helped over 12,000 patients across the country. He has earned advanced degrees in Applied Physiology and Nutrition at Adelphi University (MA), “Teachers College, Columbia University (EdDC).  He emphasizes prevention by integrating an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits, and healthy nutritional supplements.


Nutrition 96%
Consultation 95%
Medication 95%
Cardiovascular 90%

Michael Mahon

Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Professional

Michael Mahon, CSCS is a highly energetic wellness professional with a background in nutrition from Sean Phillips of EAS, sports (Coached Professional Basketball in both the BDL and the ABA), and fitness (CSCS, B.S. Kinesiology). He is a peak performance health and fitness visionary dedicated to helping people with their health.


Nutrition 96%
Fitness 90%
Medication 75%
Consultation 85%

Sandra Lee Palmer

Registered Nurse / Nutrition Specialist

Ms. Sandra Palmer is a Registered Nurse specializing in the care of patients with Congestive Heart Failure. Her mission is to educate and empower her community on the importance of seeking health in a natural form verses the alternative-pharmaceuticals. Sandra believes that the ultimate form of wealth is Health!


Nutrition 78%
Cardiovascular 96%
Medication 80%
Blood Work 85%