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Event Services

Our Event Management Service is Tailored to Meet Your Exact Requirements

You can position Free Agent Group as your event management partner or brand us as an extension of your in-house team. Choos us for a one-off event, part of your event or from an ongoing partnership to manage all your events. We know you don’t have time, so we’re totally flexible and have the experience and skills to provide with tailored event management service to suit you!

However, You Choose to Work With Us You Can be Sure of Three Thing:

  1. Your suppliers, partners, and delegates will all experience a seamless, proactive service that enhances your reputation.
  2. We will work hard to create a successful event that achieves its aims and objectives and delivers you a measurable return on investments.
  3. We will provide the tailored support and experience you need to allow you and your team to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy your event.

What We Offer:

Free Agent Group not only provide services for our professional athletes, we also work together to bring awareness and hands-on training to the youth, organizations, and non-profit entities. We know that it is important to have the common family to have access to activities and knowledge that can provide help strengthen the mental and physical technique. The outcome of these events is to help educate on a level that will grasp the everyday athlete and community. Free Agent Group believes wholeheartedly in causing inclusiveness to elevate all.

Sports + Event Services we Provide:

Event Planning & Strategy 

To maximize the effectiveness of your event, its objectives should be viewed in the wider context of your business and marketing strategies. We work with you to ensure that your event complement your wider activities, helping you to grow your reach more successfully.


Many organizations want to run their events internally but like to have an expert to provide a guiding hand. We provide all the support you need including suggestions, creative ideas and valuable contact to help you run your events with confidence.


We give you end-to-end project management of your events so you can rest assured the whole process will run smoothly and have the highest professional standards that enhance your reputation.


Effective marketing is critical to your event’s success. We work with you to devise and implement creative event marketing campaigns that maximize your budget and give your event the highest possible profile within its target sector.


Setting up spaces efficiently and creating the right atmosphere before, during and after an event is vital to maximizing its effectiveness. We manage the process on your behalf, ensuring everything runs smoothly and giving your event a professional polish that creates the perfect impression.


Services At-A-Glance

  • Clinics (Hands on technique clinics with professional athletes)
  • Health and Sports Symposiums
  • Nutraceutical & Fitness Awareness