Mike Rodgers 3rd Annual Invitational

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Mike Rodgers 3rd annual invitational was hosted by USATF sprinter Mike Rodgers and Free Agent Group. The invitational took place at McCluer South-Berkeley High School located at 201 Brotherton Lane in the city of Ferguson, Missouri a suburb of St. Louis. The event has been created in honor of St. Louis’s own Olympian Mike Rodgers. The USATF sprinter came back to his hometown while in track and field season to host and mentor young athletes from a number of high schools in the Missouri area that attended the invitational.


While back home Mike Rodgers wanted to make a few personal stops before attending the invitational. Mike being a father of two young boys and a role model to thousands of kids around the world, he has always had a soft spot for children and wanted to spend time with the children of Shriners Hospital in St. Louis.

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The visit to Shriners hospital definitely was an eye opener to the Olympian; it gave him hands on experience to see what obstacles these strong children are faced with on a daily basis. Having a new face walk the halls, play games, and just talk to them about their likes and wishes meant to a lot, and was game changer for these kids and they did not hold back from displaying their gratitude. Mike shared that after this initial visit it definitely would not be his last, he and Free Agent Group are looking to put together something with the awesome hospital staff that will continue to put a smile on the children of Shriners for more than just a few hours out of the day.


John Scott Photography

Mike Rodgers also took a moment to stop by 100.3 The Beat on iHeart Radio as a special guest on the afternoon show with the host Osei Kweku to talk about the purpose of the annual invitational, the ongoing issues in Ferguson Co., and his views on small business pulling together within the neighborhoods and working together. Mike said he enjoyed the hometown radio visit, it gave him a chance to speak with closer to home fans that followed him since his childhood. “It meant a lot to hear from people that been by my side since day one”, said Mike Rodgers.


Before calling it a day Mike wanted to make another hospital visit, with his mom Mrs. Sherry Rodgers-Usery by his side. They decided to stop by Children’s Hospital of St. Louis, where Mike made a few new friends and brought a dozen of smiles to the children receiving treatment. Words of encouragement was shared and plans for a future revisit is also in the works for this hometown hospital and the great staff running it.

On the following day, March 18th, 2017 the Mike Rodgers 3rd Annual Invitational took off on time and thousands of family and friends came out to cheer on their loved ones. As each future star threw, jumped and ran across the finish line, autographed prizes from our sponsor, Nike was giving out to the winners of each competition along with an exclusive photo with Mr. Rodgers. Mike even got so involved that he huddled up the home team and gave them a motivational speech that fired the boys relay team up, which got them 1st place across the finish line. There was so much excitement in the air and multiple events taking place that there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the event. We look forward to the 4th Annual Invitational for 2018 and bringing more success by getting every county, city, business and neighboring high school involved next time around.

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