Gatlin upset’s and tarnishes Christian Colemans’ perfect 100m run for 2017 after Justin runs a blazing 9.95 at the USATF Outdoor Championship in Sacremento, California.

Justin is the first to take down Christian this year, and he does it in style by defending his national title. Justin Gatlin’s 9.95 defeats Christian Coleman 9.98 tonight in the finals of the men’s 100m which punched his ticket to London.

We know that Justin will be quite busy this year on the track and field circuit in a climax to what will be the ultimate collision with Usain Bolt set now in London. With a final match-up of the rivals, Justin looks forward to one more race with the Jamaican world record holder. Having one last opportunity to stride it out stride-for-stride Justin made sure that his spot would be secured for London, tonight. Upon retiring the Gatlin/Bolt match up will happen one last time in August at a remote location in London. Justin says “It’s a part of history,” said the American Olympic 100m silver medalist. “One that will be both fun and sad,” says Justin “It’s going to be a changing of an era.”

Exemplifying strong leadership skills, Justin congratulates and speaks highly of Christian Coleman and Christopher Belcher, here’s what Justin had to say when asked: “What was the difference at the finish line?” Justin states “Just staying in my race pattern, Christian has been running spectacularly this season he’s a runner, he’s a warrior, and these two young guns are trying to make a name for themselves,” says Justin. Christian Coleman says “Justin Gatlin one of the greatest to ever do it!”  This is what passing the baton looks like and what an experience will it be over the next 3 years.

While Justin looks ahead to his final battle with a long time rival in Jamaica’s great Usain Bolt, he still holds fast to his continued run down the home stretch while equipping the sprint prodigies that are rising up around him. If the next 3 years are going to look like this, then we are definitely in for some record-breaking track and field while the US continues to grow a deadly sprint coalition, which is being led by veterans Justin Gatlin and Mike Rodgers.


hfelizor | Free Agent Group