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As a young but growing company, Free Agent Group with the affiliation of TG Elite and Kyani Nutraceutical Inc. wanted to gauge existing awareness of their brand, learn more about the competitive landscape in the health care market, and identify the health needs of every human being from the athlete to the average working neighbor. Health and financial opportunities were two of the top leading request in major and small city areas, this focal point led to the merge of 3 great companies. 

Here at Free Agent, our fully trained professional brokers provide our people with the needed awareness in the area of health care by acknowledging the benefits of super foods, nutrient depletion of our food source and natural medicine. Free Agent Group’s platform is formulated to create a bridge between the health care provider and consumer to insure they are receiving top grade products to help them perform.

Free Agent has been able to help change thousands of lives by focusing on the core issues that affects every household. Free Agent partners are result driven and place their clients needs first before their own. This belief created a synergy between our partners and elite clients we provide marketing services for.

TG Elite was founded by Coach Darryl “D2 ” Woodson, one of the top USATF speed coaches today. TG Elite has been awarded and achieved numerous accolades for their expertise in conditioning, Olympic training, and proper nutrition. TG Elite has a number of NFL, Rugby and USATF clients and sought out a partnership with Free Agent Group to provide upscale marketing and health benefits to their elite clientele.

ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy



Mr. Jay Valentine formulated Free Agent in 2005, and has provided entertainment, technology, health care consultation and corporate services.

Mike Rodgers

Chairman / USATF

Mr. Mike Rodgers, the fastest in America and 2nd fastest in the world is a USA Track & Field runner. Mr. Rodgers endorses and is a spokesman for Kyani Nutraceutical after experiencing instant positive results from the natural product line.

Mr. Rodgers is taken Kyani and the power of natural health around the world as he continues to blow past any obstacle in his way.

Kody Matthews

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations with Free Agent Group, Ms. Matthews is excited to pioneer the merge of innovative technology with natural pharmaceutical grade medicine and sharing it with the world.

John Meindl

Chief Marketing Director - Eastern Division

John Meindl is the Founder and CEO of SPORTSBRANDEDMEDIA, INC., a convergence of sports and entertainment. With expertise across all sports disciplines and media platforms, Mr. Meindl is an industry pioneer, creating ideas and solutions to meet the challenges of today’s changing sports landscape.


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